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A muffin is a great way to meal prep, according to Natacha Borrajo, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health Primary Care, especially for people who don’t have much time to cook.
She recommends having all prepared in cubes: onions, peppers and tomatoes and then put them in the muffin pan, crack a couple of eggs and bake them.
She affirms she tells her patients she prefers to pay with her time and money and not with her health.


Four quick dishes for people that have those fast-paced lives tell us why you brought the muffin tin and I’m staring at and I’m looking at it because there’s there’s a purpose to this absolutely so why we have this buffington is that it’s a great way to kind of meal prep so you know I don’t have a lot of time this is easy-peasy and you know what I love telling my patients you know grab grab and go vegetables so you can get all ready the diced up onions and peppers and tomatoes you throw them in your muffin tin you crack a couple of eggs scramble them up pour them over 30 minutes 30 300 degrees in the oven Wow so while that’s cooking maybe you’re putting away the rest of your groceries sometimes I’m cooking while I’m still unpacking my groceries so you know one thing is happening while I’m finishing up another so it doesn’t have to be complicated it’s okay to get something like this obviously when you have the time to prep and dice even if the work is done for you that’s my kind of I tell my patients a lot listen will either pay with our time we pay with our money or we pay with our health I don’t mind paying with my time and money I’m not paying with my home

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