Reducing Inflammation In The Body Can Reduce Back Pain


Reducing Inflammation In The Body Can Reduce Back Pain |

Reducing Inflammation In The Body Can Reduce Back Pain, Health Channel

In an interview with the Health Channel, Fernando Vega, Physical Therapist at Miami Orthopedics and Sport Institute, explains that by reducing inflammation in the body you can reduce back pain. 

Inflammation is a naturally occurring process meant to help with healing injuries. Problems can arise though when the injury is healed but the inflammation continues. At that point, it can spread throughout the body and cause pain. Inflammation can also be triggered by things other than injury. It can be caused by diet, stressful activity, or genetic predisposition. Fatty and fried foods are examples of things that can exacerbate inflammation. 

Diet can also reduce inflammation if you are eating the right foods. Drinking plenty of water and eating leafy greens can help reduce inflammation. There are also many specific anti-inflammatory fruits, vegetables, and oils, such as olive oil, that can help eliminate some inflammation. 

Watch the full segment of Fernando Vega talking about how inflammation can cause back pain and how to prevent it, here: 

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