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Surgery on the uterus, having more than one child, and having twins or triplets are risk factors of placenta previa. Dr. Robert Feldman, Chief and Medical Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology with Baptist Health South Florida, explains them, and talks about why placenta previa is more common in women who have had prior C-sections.


Now we actually have a graphic here you can explain to us what we’re looking at and especially based on the information that you just shared with us we see we have the placenta here what are we looking at so this is the cervix and then the placenta is covering the entire cervix so in this case this appears to be a complete placenta praevia okay if the placenta was moved only covering a portion of the cervix then we would be calling that a marginal or a partial preview now based on this photograph dr. Feldman with the placenta should where should the placenta normally life so normally the placenta will lie around where the baby’s back is maybe where the baby’s butt is maybe up where the fetus so the placenta can be lie in the mid portion of the uterus or at the top of the uterus which is called the fundus mm-hmm now in a case like this we’re looking at a c-section correct this would be correct yep now and is it true that placenta previa is more common in women who had one or more of the Santas previous in the past or pregnancies and pathologies in the past actually where we probably see it the most commonly is on people who’ve had primary cesarean sections or previous cesarean sections so that’s probably the biggest risk factor for placenta previa or they’ve had other units instrumentation whether that’s a myomectomy whether that’s previous surgery or in the uterus right so and often we will see it in twins and triplets which we were explaining before it’s because they share that blood flow is that sure correct okay now I want to go back focus on some of these factors a little bit usually when when a woman has her first pregnancy and she has a c-section let me reaffirm higher chance of developing percent-plus interpret in subsequent pregnancies you.

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