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Smooth vs. Textured Breast Implants |

Dr. Rafael Gottenger, Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains patients can have breast implants with gel that is very smooth inside or less cohesive; they can have an in-between cohesiveness, which is harder; and they can have a cohesive gel, which is much harder. The option will depend on what the patient wants.

There are different shapes, such as the teardrop shape or anatomical shape implant, which is the closest thing to a natural breast; the saline implant; and the silicone implant, which has different profiles.


Walk us through the shape, these are something that we’re gonna walk there’s a anatomica,l and there’s round, there’s there’s silicone, there’s saline. There is smooth in texture so in the beauty today I think when 20, 30 years, ago is we have so many varieties of the implants I mean if you talk about the gel for example. You can have a gel that’s very very smooth inside or less cohesive, you can have an in-between cohesiveness which is the only bit more harder and you have a cohesive gel which is much more harder that will depend on what the patient wants if the patient of fullness a big fullness on the upper Pole you want a more natural look what evening can do more in lieu more natural you have the shape like we’re talking this is a teardrop shape or anatomical shape implant — because it’s the closest thing to your natural breast — yes and I think we have some picture we want to show you after that we’ll show you one with in anatomical implant one with a run in plan then we have also what we show before the sailing implant and the different type of silicone implant between the silicon implants or the sin you have Molly profile high profile so means the base can be more narrow with the same volume and higher or more wipe and less projection with the same volume so we have so many things to to match for the right patient in measurements and consistency of the implant. > Now are there risks to let’s say a anatomical implant or implants are very safe texture or or or smooth. There’s something now called the ALCL with the type of lymphoma that has been seen in a population very small it 0.03 to 0.05, percent a worldwide which is a problem the thousands of tons of the interest place is very small — right — So the even though we are following that very closely is not a concern represent moment the patient I have helped develop that has been on textured implants and the treatment usually when you detect this early to remove the implant and the capsule of the that forms around the implant, but once again the chance of the in the ALCL is you have five chest more chance of any lightning hit you die having that this is.> So overall implants are safe. > Yes

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