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Holiday parties not always have the healthiest snacks options to keep you eating healthy. Carla Duenas, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, tells you what you can do or bring to the party, and gives some tips, such as cutting back the sugar on the recipe you are making.


One of the things I wanted to bring up is I often you go to a holiday party and as we talked about sometimes they’re delicious but they don’t always be them the healthiest of snacks or appetizers so what can you bring to a party that might be more on the healthy side yes that’s really up to you what’s your specialty what’s something that maybe you can tweak here and there if you are if you have a sweet tooth for example that you know you love desserts one of the things I would recommend is maybe making a dessert yourself that you can cut back on the sugar for example it’s a secret that a lot of people don’t know when you come back the sugar on the recipe but you buy half which sounds like a lot right most people don’t even notice and you’re cutting back on the calories that way with the crusts there’s different ways you can do theirs for example among flour that has much lower carbs than with a regular flour those little tricks can help along the way even vegetable dishes that can be healthy exact same but we know them during these holidays most people bring starchy plates desserts things like that but why not be the person that brings something healthy so that at least you stay on track right maybe you also help somebody else find out that they actually like zucchini what I mean that right there is so delicious a grilled zucchini grilled eggplant and squash this is the time of the year to experiment with roasted vegetables yeah tastes great because the heat caramelizes some of that the natural sugars that the vegetable has and the crispiness is giant is something that a lot of people would like just you know experimenting with roasted vegetables or even if it’s just a holiday salad most people think of a salad as maybe just lettuce and tomato but it doesn’t have to be like that it could be a beautiful kale with some cranberries some pomegranate seeds a little bit of goat cheese for example and then a nice balsamic dressing that would be a beautiful salad that you know you might not know that you like it until you try it so if you can call it a salad it’s not gonna be a person to introduce that to Sardis even better you

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