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How is the spine related to developing pain in the hip area? Dr. Jonathan Gottlieb, Orthopedic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains this with a 3D image, and talks about osteoarthritis, spine, and how the discs and the facet joints are affected by this disease.


Does the lumbar spine contain certain nerves that can cause pain around the hip area when they get compressed and certainly it does and and there’s quite a bit of overlap between back pain and hip pain and quite a number of people have been diagnosed with symptomatic hip arthritis where actually the pain is coming from the back and vice versa so it’s really important to anybody who has pain in the groin in the hip area that that both the low back and the hip be properly evaluated yeah and I noticed there on on the right side the red the the discs that are in red are the osteoarthritic spine what is it about why does the the discs get flattened over time so discs are really majority water and a newborn has tremendously well hydrated discs and then really early on in life the discs start to lose a little bit of their water content unfortunately the discs of adults don’t have any blood flow and so they can’t regenerate and as I start to lose water they’ll flatten out a little bit and as they flatten out they will bulge and so that’s really what the prime cause of discs bulging is now normally 80% the load in the spine is borne by the disc itself but as the distance it starts to place more and more stress on those facet joints in the back as we’re shown in the video and the more stress that’s on those joints the more likely that are do they generate the more likely they are to become pain generators and then the more likely someone will come in with back pain related to degeneration so you mentioned the facet joints get get damaged as well they do the facet joints become overloaded and because they’re normally bearing a small minority of the of the load for the for the low back as they’re subjected to greater and greater stresses over time they’ll develop arthritis just like any other joint in the body like a hip and knee a shoulder you

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