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Spots and Wrinkles Caused by the Sun |

Spots and Wrinkles Caused by the Sun, Health Channel

Dr. Janelle Vega, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida, says dark spots, and even deeper wrinkles are caused by sun damage.

“I really encourage my patients to just make a commitment to healthy skin, stay out of the Sun and then we can work together in terms of using topicals, and office treatments to make them look better,” she explains.


Spots and Wrinkles Caused by the Sun, Health Channel

Tell me one of the main ones that you see an income star some damage to come into your office?.> So what what are the main complaint?.> Yes the main complaint.> So the things that we start to see as as we age and as the some damages us, are usually dark spots, people notice that their skin looks less even, and then a lot of the times those fine wrinkles that start to form on the skin, even deeper ones that start to form a lot of that is due to sun damage, believe it or not it’s not only due to movement so, a lot of times we have to work hard to kind of get the skin healthier is what I tell patients you know, because it’s not only about the looks that’s a sign that your skin is actually unhealthy that it’s having side effects from on your sun exposure, and then a lot of times people try to tan to cover up these issues, then they compound them make them even worse, so I really encourage them to just make a commitment to healthy skin, stay out of the Sun and then we can work together in terms of using topicals, and office treatments, to make them look better.> And in terms of the that, the terms of the dark spots and like you said it’s something that you frequently see especially with patients that go out in the Sun, what are some of those treatments that you do at your office that can help diminish and even remove signs of dark spots?.> Okay so this is a this is a great topic because people ask me about this all the time, I see a lot of people turn to the internet try to look up their own remedies, they apply lemon they you know do mess that they find online, and a lot of the times they delay actually getting to see a doctor, and the important thing to remember is that dark spots, people see dark spots as a broad term, but it can be a lot of different things so, one of the things I see very commonly are hyperpigmentation from pregnancy, from Sun, so that’s one type of dark spot and that’s usually hormonal sun related, and then there’s sun spots that just come out from damage, and then there’s the dreaded you know c-word that people also forget can come out as a dark spot so, sometimes even maybe treating a skin cancer at home with lemon instead of going in to see the doctor, so whatever path you want to take just always get cleared by a dermatologist of warts by dermatologists, to make sure that you’re in on the right pathway is it you know hormonal, is it something that we have to take care of more broadly, or is this Sun damaged signifying skin cancers.

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