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Steroids: Treating Low Back Pain |

Patients who are on blood thinners, like medication associates as Plavix or Eliquis, should be very careful with over-the-counter medications (such as ibuprofen) to treat back pain, because they can increase the risk of bleeding, affirms Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute.
The ibuprofen prolonged use can also cause problems to the stomach and kidneys, the doctor explains.
He says he prescribes steroids into the body when symptoms don’t respond to initial treatments, physical therapy or other types of medications.


And how do you feel about ibuprofen to start treating it and sometimes people take it for two three four weeks is that good it you have to be careful on those especially people that are on blood thinners like medication sausage plavix Eliquis coumadin those medications can you block thinner I mean the anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen naproxen and some of the over-the-counter they can they can increase the risk of bleeding so those should be carefully monitored also another thing that can cause the ibuprofen prolonged use can cause problem to the stomach some people might not be that tolerant to those medications and also you have to be careful you suffer from chronic kidney conditions so normally those medications are being clear or created through the kidney and the viewer problem all right in the kidney that can accelerate some of some of the entering problem in the kidney itself and dr. what would you prescribe a steroid medication and if you do would it be in the pill form or injectable okay so good question typically the a lot of times people tend to ask us like okay give me apprentice or give me courtesan so there’s multiple ways that partners own or corazon can be given can be given by pill or it can be big a given injectables such as intramuscular in the muscle or in or sometimes in the spine and sometimes we do so for normally someone who has an acute pain meaning symptoms are that they came out like very recently most of the time and IQ like a steroid pack might be really helpful for for those patients and sometimes when those patients they go to the ER sometimes they go ahead and minister them injectable corticosteroids or cortisone by by by an injectable now it’s different and sometimes when we do spinal injections when we do the spinal injections we do inject steroids into the body for the most part so those are mainly intended when symptoms are not responding to initial treatments or physical therapy and sometimes medications those are the patient that might be amenable and what we Douglas corticosteroid sterile or accordingly you

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