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Sugar & Triglycerides, Health Channel

The best recommendations of physicians is trying to eat things in the most natural form, says Dr. Jonathan Fialkow, Deputy Chief of Cardiology with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute.
The expert explains triglyceride is a three carbon sugar, with a fat attached to each one. The step determines how much triglycerides the body makes.
He recommends a diet low in sugar to improve triglyceride levels.


Sugar & Triglycerides, Health Channel

So in general horror fats and triglycerides related okay so a complex question with a semi complex answer okay because I’m ready for science part two so the first thing is fats as we talked about in it now is a food substance all right something we eat for energy from the standpoint of recommendations but know we gonna get to you try to eat things in the most natural form because nature really does a good job in giving human beings the energy they want but going back fats are chemical compounds again high school chemistry long-chain carbon molecules ending in what’s called a fatty acid group so fats are determined by the names based on their chemical structure when we eat fatty foods and digest them they’re absorbed as fatty acids and there are different kinds of fatty acids which I think we’re gonna get too saturated polyunsaturated omega-3 omega-6 s but they’re all absorbed and they’re all incorporated into the triglyceride so the fats become the fatty acids of a triglyceride find out each one now the interesting part is I told you that a triglyceride is a three carbon sugar with a fat attached to each carbon what’s called the rate limiting step the step that determines what what rate you make triglycerides is actually the sugar so if you don’t have the sugar you can’t bind the fats to a triglyceride you need that your fats are used in a liver right so you know it’s the sugar so if you have you need you don’t need sugar in your diet but I said that the triglyceride rate limiting step is the absorption of sugar okay so if you’ve a lot of triglycerides you have a lot of fat to manufacture a triglyceride but if you take the sugar out you can’t make the triglyceride so the fats get used so the fats of the Tri glare at senior diet are the basis of the triglyceride but they don’t determine how much triglyceride you make that’s the sugar okay so that’s why we said earlier a low carbohydrate diet brings your triglycerides down you absorb the fats but you don’t really make it into a triglyceride it’s used in the liver now here’s the other component fats provide satiety so we talked about fats proteins in carbohydrate and it’s fatty intake that makes our body happy and not hungry right so if people are overweight and want to lose weight right it’s not lowering the fat in the diet because that will promote higher carbohydrate intake right which makes your whole time hydrates are leading to storage of energy so when you lower the sugar content you’re eating more fat as a percentage you’re not hungry and that’s why people that’s why diets fail usually hunger kicks in you

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