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Symptoms of Arthritis of the Shoulder |

Symptoms of Arthritis of the Shoulder, Health Channel

Pain in joints, warmth and redness in joints, swollen joints, stiff joints, trouble moving joints in normal way and grinding feeling of joint when moved are the most common symptoms of arthritis of the shoulder.

Edward Hernandez, Physical Therapist with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, explains pain is one of the classic symptoms of arthritis. It can be pain with activity or pain at rest.

The expert also explains what crepitus means.


Symptoms of Arthritis of the Shoulder, Health Channel

Let’s look at some of the symptoms that you may feel that could lead to arthritis or at least to look out for for that matter so let’s look at this graphic and the first one is pain in joints that doesn’t go away just that constant pain right so that’s one of the classic symptoms of arthritis if it progresses far enough where you get the joint is rubbing or bone-on-bone where the cartridge has actually been wasted away completely and you get bone on bone friction there’s gonna be a constant inflammatory process going on in that joint so for example in the shoulder joint and one of the classic symptoms is constant pain so it can be pain with activity or pain at rest and that’s something that that’s very common with arthritis bullet point number two would be warmth and redness and joints so warmth and redness obviously like I just mentioned before there’s an inflammatory process going on because of all the friction and degeneration that’s going on at the joint where you know two bones meet and you know obviously swelling redness and things like that would be also pretty common presentations that we see at the clinic let’s combine these two swollen joints and stiff joints so swollen joints going back again inflammatory process going on but stiffness of the joint is a very common presentation as you get wasting away of the cartilage in between the joint and there’s a degeneration in the actual joint and the bones that are opposing each other at that joint you start getting a lot of guarding of the soft tissue around the area and the actual joint starts becoming more and more stiff so obviously you start losing range of motion mobility and that starts limiting you in everyday life obviously trouble moving joints in a normal way and grinding feeling of joint one mood that sounds so painful so that’s you know usually you see that with arthritis usually in the more advanced stage but that’s also medically termed crepitus and crepitus is where you get friction of two opposing surfaces and you actually hear you know if the patient is actively moving their shoulder for example where you’re moving their shoulder you actually hear clicking snapping and and clunking type noises and that’s just friction that’s going on in the joint and obviously a lot of times it’s very painful for the patient you

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