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Symptoms of Cervical Spinal Stenosis |

Neck pain; numbness, tingling or weakness in a hand, arm, foot or leg; problems with walking and balance; and bladder and bowel function problems are some of the symptoms of cervical stenosis.

Claudia Hogdson, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, says patients start with pain, and then they have numbness and tingling. She explains the more aggressive you get with treatment, the better sometimes patients feel.


A graphic to show that if you’re suffering from this maybe these are some of the symptoms you’re gonna be feeling and that would be neck pain numbness clàudia or tingling in a hand arm foot or leg very common right exactly and and those are you know and I know you’re going down the list one of the things that sometimes patients you know that’s like the list of importance they start with a pain then they start having numbness and tingling and you know with cor exercising sometimes we have patients come back from rehab and they’re like you know what the numbness and tingling has dissipated you know pain is no longer going down my my arm or going down my my elbow so all those things you know put together will be able to help you know and as dr. Mann had alluded there you know the more aggressive you get with treatment you know the better you know sometimes patients feel going back of course to court exercising which is very important right there were a couple more the last one I think is pretty serious and again yeah Bob and bladder and people bowel and bladder function problems people will be thinking like why bound bladders I have a problem in the cervical spine so what happens is that in the cervical spine remember all the nerves are running in is in the cervical spine so if you have a problem in the cervical spine everything can be shut down what happens is the bowel and bladder are the S nerves so those are the last nurse within the spinal cord or the or the nerve that actually they are supplying that they’re coming now from the spinal cord so basically getting a bowel bladder in the spinal cord meaning that means that all the nerves already are being shut down are being compromised so normally we’ll start in the arms and the legs the trunk and down the last one will be the the bottom bladder so you have incontinence bowel and bladder along with neck problems numbness tingling difficulty walking as well remember that you’re talking about the different the nerve that are in the neck got are controlling the whole body if you have difficulty walking or you’re balancing issues that’s a really that’s a main concern you

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