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Symptoms of Different Types of Hernia |

The most common symptoms of hernias are pain and discomfort. They can be excessively aided by physical activity or by heavy lifting.

Dr. Michael Gonzalez Ramos, General Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, says when patients go into the ER, they come in with unbearable pain, very sick or with intestinal obstructions, depending on the type of hernia.


And there’s different types of each hernia and different types of symptoms for each area. — of course — what kind of symptoms are we seeing with hernia? > The most common symptoms again usually pain discomfort. The pain and discomfort can be excessive aided by physical activity, by heavy lifting. now when you get into more complex trineas you can get constipation you can have intestinal obstructions. > We have a graphic that’s actually going to show us some of those common symptoms of let’s see only inguinal hernia and we can go through them and how common they are. > Pain and discomfort I would say is is definitely the most common symptom and definitely patients when they see me the first thing they mention is is that it accessory baited by bending over, by getting out of bed, by getting up and out of the car, they usually feel a pressure or heaviness in the abdomen or in the groin and sometimes when when the hernia compresses other structures for example or nerve they can get a burning or an electrical type of pain as well. > Wow! The burning pain is something I hadn’t heard of so that that’s very common that — it happens as well — Now one of the things that we… that you also see in the ER as a surgeon is sometimes people wait too long and these symptoms get worse and you see them in the ER doubled over and it’s one of those instances where you say you should have seen your doctor. > Of course. No sometimes when we when we see these patients finally in the emergency room you know they come in with unbearable pain, they come in sometimes very sick with intestinal obstructions, or or more complex problems such as a what’s called an incarcerated or simulated hernia which we’ll talk about later. > Yeah and one of the more complicated hernia hiatal hernia we do have symptoms that can indicate and show a patient to get help right away because these can kind of to be a little more complicated and some of the symptoms of the hiatal hernia we can go through them. > Yeah usually the most common causes is I’m sorry the most common symptom is usually acid reflux, heartburn, some of these patients may have these symptoms even despite taking medication, they can get chest pain, again it can be easily confused for a heart attack, and sometimes these patients can be very scared thinking they’re having you know americolor infarction and down a line they can definitely have a lot of difficulty swallowing and regurgitation.

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