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Symptoms of Incarcerated Hernia |

Dr. Anthony Gonzalez, Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery at South Miami Hospital, explains incarcerated hernia is when the lump does not go away. “You lay down and wake up in the morning and the lump is still there. Whatever is protruding out is stuck in the hole.”

He also says it is dangerous, because what is cut off from the rest of the abdomen is losing its blood supply, and that can progress to strangulation.


You might hear doctor say that a hernia is incarcerated what does that mean so incarcerated is kind of like being in jail it’s it’s not good to say it sounds like being behind bars it is it’s stuck so in other words the lump doesn’t go away I know the words you lay down and you wake up in the morning and the lump is still there and so that means that whatever is protruding out is stuck in the hole and it doesn’t come and go and of course that’s dangerous because whatever is stuck in that hole is kind of being cut off from the rest of the abdomen it’s losing its blood supply and it can progress to strangulation and strangulation is when you lose the blood flow and things start dying so it’s basically like putting a really tight ring around your finger eventually with time it’ll the tissues will die because of the pressure in that area and so yes if you notice you have a lump and it doesn’t go away number one let’s call whistle you know you’re worried about the worst that God forbid it could be some type of tumor growth but also if it is a hernia it strangulated then that’s concerning as well because of course that can lead to strangulation can lead to an emergency can lead to obviously real serious health complications I wanted to follow up on that because you use the word things are dying so what things in the area could be dying right so it could be simple as just a piece of intra-abdominal fat that’s being stuck in the hole god forbid it could be a piece of intestine that thank God doesn’t occur commonly but if when it does occur it’s gonna lead to medical care immediately because if your intestines are stuck in a hole they’re blocked then comes the symptoms of nausea vomiting OH abdominal pain so even though you have a hernia in the groin area and you have a piece of intestine stuck in that groin you’re gonna start developing abdominal pain nausea and vomiting and people within hours will lead themselves through the emergency room to seek care you

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