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Symptoms of Ischemic Ulcer |

Symptoms of Ischemic Ulcer, Health Channel

Ischemic ulcers mean reduced blood flow to parts of the body, and most ulcers occur on the legs and feet.

Dr. Antonio Mesa, Neurologist with Baptist Hospital Miami, explains the most common symptoms of ischemic ulcers.


Symptoms of Ischemic Ulcer, Health Channel

The ulcers mean reduce blood flow to an area of the body when poor body flows causes cells to die and damages tissue and most ulcers occur on the feet and legs so these types of wounds can be slow to heal so let’s take a look at some of these symptoms a doctor if you can talk to us about this condition well so you’ve got this graphic up with with the the thing with the ulcers those wounds are very important to find this is why the American Heart Association recommends taking your shoes off take your socks off and looking at your feet because many times by the time the circulation is bad enough that you’ve developed an ulcer poor circulation also damages the nerve so the person has initially what would be a painless ulcer and the person it’s sometimes for example I’ve never you see this happen the person gets a pedicure and you develop a cod the little thing and it develops into this chronic wound and then an ulcer and you don’t feel it because you have enough damage and that will eventually deepen spread to the bone and now you’re gonna lose away you

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