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There are some symptoms of spondylolisthesis such as lower back pain, difficulty lying down, pain bending backwards and numbness in legs and feet. Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains people with spondylolisthesis have sleep problems and why the extension of the body produces pain.


All right so let’s talk about some of the symptoms you mentioned a couple of them my spondylolisthesis let’s show our viewers more the common symptoms that you may experience if you have this condition or maybe you have it you’re not even realizing it spondylolisthesis lower back pain big one very highly associated with spondylolisthesis so just because your back pain doesn’t mean you have spondylolisthesis but those who do have spondylolisthesis usually will complain of back pain difficult to line down that’s a really important one and that surprised me because normally what people are lying down they feel better you got it normally those people who laid down and feel better will suffer when they sit they will suffer in the car they will suffer when they stand for too long but those patients would spondylolisthesis they can’t extend or bend backwards so now you lay down on the bed you sort of naturally flex your back extend your back and it hurts so I’m assuming sleeping is not easy impossible very very difficult and most of my patients who have spondylitis teachers will say that they cannot bend backwards and they have a very hard time sleeping on their backs okay finally now numbness in legs and feet why does that happen that’s sort of a later stage where you begin to have nerve compression okay is it true that somebody may experience also tight hamstrings so they’ll think that it’s hamstrings but remember it’s the same location in the back of the thigh that the s-1 nerve travels in meaning that alpha is one spondylolisthesis will irritate the s-1 nerve root and it will it will feel like tight hamstrings but really it’s nerve pain it’s real sad because frequently the spacious will go to a physical therapist and they will stretch and stretch and stretch until they have tears flowing out of their eyes but one really what they’re doing is just irritating the ass who are nervous and the way that they would know that this is not no big deal this is serious is banned backwards if sort of extension produces or reproduces your pain very high likelihood that you have spondylolisthesis you

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