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The 5-1-1 Rule: Giving Birth |

Dr. Anna Suarez Davis, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Baptist Hospital of Miami, explains the signs that would indicate the baby is ready to be born: The 5-1-1 rule (contractions every five minutes lasting one minute for one hour), if you break your bag of water, vaginal bleeding and if the baby is not moving.

Another sign is having irregular contractions, some women will have looser stools or a little bit of nausea.


So we’re gonna kick things off today and we’re gonna talk about going into labor so doctor tell us again you know what are the signs that would indicate that the baby is ready to make its grand entrance into the world so that’s is something that we talk about obviously every day in our practice yeah there’s four things that we recommend for patients to look out for number one is the five one one rule contractions every five minutes lasting one minute for one hour that’s an easy way to remember five one one five one number two is if you break your bag of water so some women describe it a big gush kind of like the Sex in the City situation you know a lot of women also describe it as a leaking some women will even think that they peed on themselves and these are very common concerns or questions but that’s a reason to call your doctor certainly number three is vaginal bleeding a little bit of spotting a little bit of bleeding occasionally will occur at the end of the pregnancy any more than that certainly can be a sign of labor and the fourth is if the baby is not moving well a little bit of decreased movement at the end of the pregnancy is pretty common there’s a little bit less space but in general the baby should move regularly if that does not occur they should call their doctor and certainly if not come in to the hospital to be evaluated absolutely a good advice there of course to call the doctor or get to the hospital but also just these are kind of the five one one that you went through before these kind of major incidents happen if you will there are any other kind of early signs also maybe towards the end of the pregnancy that labor might be getting a little bit closer sure so a lot of women refer to the mucus plug the mucus plug passing it has a greyish clearish consistency sometimes little spots of blood and some women will pass it a few weeks before going into labor some pass it very quick short ly before so that’s another possible sign some women will also have irregular contractions some in women will have looser stools a little bit of nausea some kind of GI upset and that’s a pretty common symptom as well.

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