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The Different Types of Spinal Fractures |

Dr. Ronald Tolchin, Medical Director of the Baptist Health Center for Spine Care explains the three types of spinal fractures.

Wedge fracture is the most common fracture and it’s related with osteoporosis. Crush fracture is due to major trauma and the bone breaks.

Burst fracture occurs when the bone bursts and some of the bone could go into the spinal elements where the nerves are. It’s very dangerous and has to be treated urgently.


We’re going to talk about the types of fractures that one can experience I’m gonna name them and maybe you could just walk us through us with walk us through it wedge fracture crush factor and burst fracture let’s take the first one wedge fracture and let’s use our model to explain it. The wedge fracture is what we talked about earlier with osteoporosis it’s the most common fracture if you look at one of these vertebrae they look kind of square and the height is the same in the front that’s compared to the back with a wedge fracture it comes down more in the front it wedges down almost like a piece of pie okay and the vertebral body starts to compress down and that’s due to the softness of the bone for example in osteoporosis it could be other serious conditions to the closet but it’s something that makes the bone brittle and prone to break now a crush fracture is due to trauma it often happens with major trauma can happen in a serious car accident a fall we’re actually the bone breaks it can be a vertical break through the bone like this or it could be a horizontal break but it’s not a wedge it’s a break in the actual bone those are very serious and those may even need surgery certainly if it’s not displaced it could possibly be braced but it’s really important to see a spine specialist for that the final fracture is called a burst fracture that’s the most serious with a burst fracture there’s essentially major force a blow to the spine usually due to a fall it could be due to a diving accident where the bone actually bursts apart and some of the bone could go into the spinal elements where the nerves are or even the spinal cord it could be very serious depending on where in the spine that occurs but it is a burst of the bone and it can displace and go into the nerves into the spinal cord very dangerous has to be treated urgently.

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