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The Eco-Keto Diet |

The eco-keto diet can be used to lose weight and it promotes the exclusion of meat from daily meals. However, Terry Ochoa, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, doesn’t recommend this diet and talks about how getting the basic nutrients from fruits and vegetables can be possible.


Tell us about the keto diet in 2019 is this something that people are still doing is it is it a fad what’s going on with that one I believe it’s gonna stick around it’s definitely been around forever as you said as you know being a nurse it started way back for epileptic patients young patients we’ve moved fast forward and we’ve seen good results with it for people let’s don’t do it we don’t see people sticking to it long term I don’t really think it’s the best diet that a person could do there’s so many more but done right under strict supervision it’s it’s possible I don’t personally recommend it however 2019 is bringing something totally different and almost I’d say it almost gets my stamp of approval so we’re going echo pedo so have you heard that term before I have not heard eco-tv eco keto what do you think it means I have no idea so eco is ecological right so ecologically sound or just being more you know more conscientious of our of our ecology so we know that the footprint that livestock leaves behind is equal to the emissions of all our transportation globally so it’s something we want to step back on so the people are being more more socially responsible concerned about our earth or that still wanna do keto are doing a plant-based keto if you can believe that and what they’re doing is they’re using more nuts they’re using more proteins that come from our vegetables from our fruits from our grains from our seeds and in that way they’re being more ecologically sound you

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