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It is possible to prevent back pain and Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, gives some tips about that. The expert suggests other exercises for improving back pain such as stretching and physical activity.


Now let’s take a look at some tips that can help us keep a healthy back so doctor the first one says maintain a healthy weight and we briefly mentioned that with being overweight and that extra weight on our body and the first one is also exercised regularly so how does maintaining weight and a healthy weight and exercise the benefit back pain there’s probably an improvement in battery that comes from staying lean right there’s definitely a positive effect on back pain if your abs are tight and I’m not talking about cosmetically I’m talking about the muscle tone right and in general back pain and back muscle strain is relieved with tight abdominals I think that staying active is important also because discs do not get any blood supply there are some little blood vessels on top and bottom of each disk but there’s no blood vessel that actually goes into the discs which means that that entire tall 12 millimeter 14 millimeter structure all that courage gets all its food only by diffusion only by dissolving in the fluid and sort of mixing around now the way that that fluid will move around the disk is via the piston in motion of the dip that occurs when we’re active so someone who stays in bed for prolonged period of time their discs will dehydrate faster I don’t have good articles to quote Yanis but the physiology of the physiology of degeneration is fairly well-described and it’s called a Cal Cal D Willis cycle of degeneration and motion is is essential right you

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