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Tongue-Tie in Babies, Health Channel

What a tongue-tie is? Dr. Leslie Haller, General Dentist with Tongue Tie South Florida, explains what happens when the lingual frenulum of the baby is too tight, and its consequences.


Tongue-Tie in Babies, Health Channel

What a tongue tight is because many as we were discussing off-camera don’t even know that is very true you know we all have webbing and between our fingers and there’s a little web underneath the tongue if you look at this picture of the tongue this is what people usually think of as the tongue right but that’s the top of the tongue I would like to show you the other picture which is of the bottom of the tongue okay you see when you lift up the tongue there’s that little piece of tissue under there and in this case it’s creating a kind of a heart-shaped dip in the center of the tongue yes because it’s too tight now we all have that little piece of tissue there it’s called a frenum or if you’re from other parts of the world frenulum okay but this one in particular is too tight it’s creating a dimple in the tongue and it’s keeping the child from being able to lift its tongue up to the roof of its mouth and being able to nurse properly and when you have this it also affects your upper lip if this trim can it’s a mid line issue okay and so you can also have up under the lip another time which in some people you might know it can keep the front teeth from going together and create a little space there yes my six-year-old actually has that yes but it’s not only that it can keep your upper lip from being able to flange outward to be able to get a seal around the breast when you’re trying to nurse as a baby and instead your your lip will curl in and the baby is then biting rather than sucking and the baby will actually get little blisters on his lips because he’s trying to nurse but it’s it’s up for your business right right and then it’s causes obviously a lot of pain for the mother your mom and not very much success for the baby Wow okay we have some pictures of babies with a tongue tied so dr. victim please explain what we’re looking at here that’s a lovely tongue tache you see this is very thin and they can be anywhere along a continuum of thick thin sort of you know fat short long this one if you aren’t trained to know what to look for could look fairly innocuous right in fact it is very tough tissue in there and it goes deeper further back than you think you should see that little thin part in the front that’s attached but it goes way much much deeper under the tongue and it’s keeping that child from being able to get the tongue up to the roof of his mouth you

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