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If you are already dealing with lower back pain, there are some things you can do to deal with it. José Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist at Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, says the most important thing is having an exercise program.

Doing exercises is right now the evidence doctors have to deal with it, it is the key. “Also acupuncture, chiropractor care, medications and injections are the things that we have to help patients”, he points out.

Losing some pounds could help people that are overweight, because weight shifted the center of gravity.


Let’s kind of now get into how to deal with it how to cope with the pain so what would kind of a long-term treatment plan look for for someone who’s dealing with back pain someone’s dealing with back pain I would say the most important thing that we have been addressing this over the our exercise program you have to be on a daily basis doing those exercises because we know that that’s right now the evidence is that the exercise program is the key everything else that we do basically will be to supplement the exercise program and when we are talking about those things we mainly the acupuncture chiropractor care medications injections and so forth so the compression tables so those are the things that we as of as of now we have to help us out with exercise program but down the line exercise program number one thing okay that’s good to know and you know one thing that goes kind of hand-in-hand with exercise as we also hear about a healthy diet in our life so what what would you recommend to your patients perhaps there are a little over weight how can losing some pounds possibly help them with their back pain that’s one of the things that we see a lot and I will correlate this what that happens normally pregnant women they they are overweight right and normally that shifted the center of gravity the same happens when someone is overweight as well so the center of gravity shift from the spine so it’s a very simple thing here so you or let’s say you’re a woman and you’re like you’re grabbing a purse they closer the purses to your body the less weight it weighs the more the farther away they’re more it weights right so same happens to the fact so what happens is the center of gravity as much as the purse is close to your body the center of gravity is passing through the through the spine as close as possible so that’s why it doesn’t wait that much the more weight you put in that center of gravity starts shifting and then you start putting more strain and that’s will start advancing the degeneration process

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