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Types of Plant Based Diets, Health Channel

Vegetarian, lacto-ovo, lacto vegetarian and vegan are some of the types of plant-based diets.

Lucette Talamas, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, says when you eliminate eggs and dairy from your diet, which is what lacto and ovo mean, you have the vegan diet.

Talamas points out your diet is up to your preferences and your reasons. She also highlights as you get more restrictive, your dietitian needs to know where you are going to be getting your calcium from vitamin D, for example.


Types of Plant Based Diets, Health Channel

I want to keep on talking about the plant-based diets because there are several in fact I think there are over seven I believe we have a graphic to inform everyone out there and maybe you can walk us through what kind of diets there are. This is just a graphic that shows us on the left you see
vegetarian you see the label of the plant-based diet so when someone says they’re on a plant-based diet the first question is what kind of plant-based diet so this is just seven of them highlighted we start with vegetarian then we have lacto-ovo vegetarian lacto and then just ovo vegetarian and when you eliminate your egg and dairy which is what lacto and ovo means then you have the vegan diet the last two flexitarian and pesco vegetarian are actually not official terms but they’re very commonly used you’ll hear someone say I’m a pesco vegetarian or I’m a pescetarian they might say and that means they’re basically a vegetarian that might include dairy or eggs as you see like the little asterisk it’s really up to the person you know to define how they’re eating and everyone has the right to be different it’s up to your preferences your reasons why you’re following a plant-based diet but as a dietitian what I like to know is what type of plant-based diet you’re following because as you get more restrictive if you eliminate dairy and eggs for example I need to know where you’re gonna be getting your calcium from your vitamin D as you eliminate meat and poultry your iron and your vitamin b12 become a concern so for meal planning purposes it’s that’s what I would need to know like what type of plant-based diet you’re on. There was an asterisk next to the check marks what are those? That just means it’s optional so at the top you see like vegetarian with the asterisk next to dairy and eggs because some people may just call themselves a vegetarian but there actually are different types of vegetarians there’s under it describes it so we see lacto-ovo so that’s a vegetarian that includes dairy and eggs for example now we may have a vegetarian that just includes a lacto which is your dairy foods and then you might just have an ovo vegetarian which includes eggs or an animal product so like the animals not killed you know for example and then we vegan which is complete elimination so that a stroke just means that we have different types of vegetarians and it’s up to the person to you know define how they want to eat.

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