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Vacation: Weight Gain, Health Channel

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), people gain the most weight between mid-November and January. Carla Duenas, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, talks about how many pounds someone can put on during the holidays, and says how to prevent gaining weight on vacation.


Vacation: Weight Gain, Health Channel

Now according to the National Institutes of Health people gained the most weight between mid November to January so how many pounds can someone put on during the holidays well it’s interesting but so the National instances of Health have also found that the average weight gain is between a pound to two per year and what’s really significant about that is that people don’t don’t actually lose those pounds when that new year hits our total Packham on exactly so start to add that extra pound two pounds per year after three-four years that becomes maybe ten extra pounds or we’ve gained and we don’t know how we got there so it’s really important that we don’t gain those extra two pounds because it might seem very little but if you don’t lose them then it starts to pile on okay so here’s the question many have it’s like I still want to go to my holiday dinner well you know my Christmas Eve my New Year’s parties and enjoy but how can I enjoy that food the right way having a plan it’s all so one of the things really would be starting your day right if you have if you know that you have a dinner party for example don’t skip breakfast don’t skip lunch I’ve heard that plenty of dads trying to make it out of calories or your body doesn’t work like that your body is need the energy and calories even though we might equate them with fat gain it’s really energy and that’s what the body needs so when you’re skipping in one meal your body’s compensating for that keeping you really running and when you eat those those extra calories at dinner all it’s gonna happen is those extra calories are gonna be stored as fat right so it really doesn’t matter if you skip or not it’s the overall calories throughout the day so starting with a good balanced breakfast the breakfast that has protein healthy complex carbs that it has some healthy fats as well would be the way to go you

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