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Vegetarian and vegan are overall plant base. Lucette Talamas, Registered Dietitian at Baptist Health South Florida, explains what celiac disease is and how a gluten-free diet can help patients suffering from this condition.


Now we need to also talk about maybe someone who is vegan obviously or vegetarian I should say actually what’s the difference between both that’s a great question just hurry now what’s a difference there is a difference between vegan and vegetarian they may call themselves overall plant-based but what is the difference so vegetarian includes dairy and eggs in their diet and then a vegan includes absolutely no animal food and animal products so they wouldn’t be including eggs or dairy in their diet so vegan is a lot stricter than a vegetarian okay so I think if you’re vegan or vegetarian they do not eat pork ham or turkey right right so vegans and vegetarians would not be eating a typical holiday meal the parts would be the turkey the ham and the and the turkey the ham what else doing my hope for the pork right right and so what are not so obvious dishes that can have animal products in them for example right so we’re talking about broth a little bit ago so the type of broth would also make a difference if you use chicken broth versus vegetable broth a vegan or vegetarian obviously wouldn’t want to eat a chicken broth or beef broth some stuffing recipes I there’s so many variations to stuffings and casseroles some of them use broth so a simple switch such as vegetable broth you know that’s just it immediately I can fix it what about someone that’s gluten-free how can we make you know accommodations there right so again I bring it back to the host having a conversation especially with someone that says they’re gluten-free because so many people apply that different that diet differently so a true gluten-free person usually does have a condition called celiac disease and they very tightly follow a gluten-free diet to keep their health better now what we see out there though is a lot of people are gluten-free for many other reasons and they actually may not be as strict on a gluten-free diet so again it comes back to the host having a conversation with that person to see how strict their gluten-free diet truly is so the person that’s gluten-free would be avoiding the main ingredient would be things that have wheat so obviously you know certain types of breads or the crust on a pie but there’s a lot of dishes I can have we rye or barley which would be the the main gluten containing ingredients you

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