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Back Pain Is Very Common

Back pain is probably one of the most common things that afflicts Americans, according to Neurosurgeon Jobyna Whiting, who explains that most Americans will suffer at least one episode of major back pain during their lifetimes, “because throughout our lifetime the low back bears the brunt of our load and the work that our back is doing." “The spine is divided into multiple different areas. The first seven bones being the cervical spines. The next 12 being the thoracic and that's where the ribs are attached and then the lumbar spine. That's where people usually get back aches. When people talk about back pain they’re typically talking about their lumbar spine and maybe the very top of their sacrum," says Whiting. The specialist adds that when all the weight of the body rests on these bones, "almost everyone is prone to back pain, despite early symptoms, like childhood scoliosis, because they're more clinical than anatomical, but everybody is prone to it," Whiting says.

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