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Symptoms of preterm labor are the same as labor. Dr. Alejandra Salazar, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, advises going to the E.R immediately if the patient is bleeding, leaking amniotic fluid or has contractions, and explains the treatment they use for helping women.


Now we do have a graphic here of some of the warning signs of premature labor and some of them are similar to normal pregnancy symptoms right so doctor how do you decipher which are an issue and when is it not an issue so starting with backache yeah so the segment of preterm labor the same as labor so if you have to be confusing yeah exactly so if you have back pain contractions like we always say five minutes apart or more cramping and leaking of fluid so if you’re leaking fluid like my fluid it’s what kind of amniotic fluid so we tell them if you feel like you peed your pants but you didn’t if you have increased pressure or just discharged if you see like you pass your venous plug if you see that you have bleeding even if it’s like if you have contractions every five minutes or less then you need to go to the emergency room right now the vaginal the vaginal bleeding again going back to the bleeding is is that an indication there’s something wrong with a baby there’s something wrong with could be yeah so if it’s a lot of idea of leading it could be an emergency right and it’s it’s so scary and it’s alarming for a mother but the good news is that there are a lot of things doctors can do to delay a delivery how our ways are you delay a delivery so we usually bring patients to the labor and delivery room give them fluids sometimes dehydration can cause preterm labor okay and we give them medication to stop the contractions so we have medications that we call tocolytics which can stop the contractions make the patients feel more comfortable even morphine we give patients just to stop the pain now and that’ll help the patient’s just relax and stop their contractions but with the use of the taco lytic so is will that allow the patient to go back home or yours you’re talking about patients have to stay in the hospital to be monitored now it depends if they haven’t broken their water we can stop their labor and they can go home you.

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