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What Are The Symptoms of Sepsis in Babies? |

Low blood sugar, breathing problems, and reduced sucking. Dr. Majd M. Dardas, Neonatal Perinatal Physician with Center for Women and Infants at South Miami Hospital, talks about how changes in the body temperature, reduced movements, and diarrhea are red flags of sepsis in babies.


These are some red flags as well correct correct so temperature changes nini sepsis you could have either a high temperature which usually is more than 38 degrees Celsius or more than hundred point four Fahrenheit or they could also present with low temperature that’s another one that usually parents may not be looking out for so low temperature is defined as less than 36 degrees Celsius or less than ninety eight point six so six point eight low blood sugar is another one reduce sucking seizures I really we have another graphic that shows us jaundice jaundice is very common as well for everybody yeah Howard this is all related to to these symptoms so I mean going back to those symptoms the respiratory symptoms are very important right so any baby who’s in respiratory distress it could be a sign of an infection so respiratory distress could mean grunting could mean nasal flaring which means that the baby would be opening the nostrils to be able to get more air they could have what we call subcostal retractions which means they’re using accessory muscles in order to breathe so you can see their ribs are time breathing hard time breathing basically that could be a sign of infection especially in full-term babies and preterm babies they could have what we call apnea or cessation of breathing so they just stop breathing okay so this is my question how scary for any parents or that doesn’t know these symptoms or these symptoms don’t manifest themselves so are there early signs that as a neonatologist you look for so I usually tell the parents that anything any behavior in the newborn that deviates from their usual pattern should raise suspicion and a red flag and they should be on the I mean seeking medical attention either call your pediatrician or go to the emergency department if there’s any if your baby is just not acting right that is enough reason for us to basically do the necessary work up and likely admit the baby to the NICU you

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