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Why should I wear a mask? | Healthy Habits | KidVision Pre-K |

Your child may be asking tough questions regarding COVID-19, Miss Penny is here to help! Miss Penny will answer a variety of questions from young children related to handwashing, social distancing, and overall healthy habits.


Welcome to kidvision healthy habits questions and answers i’m friend of mine mistake what about the weather mask hi chase a mask is for protection against coveted 19 germs all germs are not bad the cloven 19 germs are and you might not even know you have them they are invisible they make some people very sick we can get and give germs from breathing them in and out through our nose and mouth to keep germs to ourselves we wear a mask that is why everyone needs to wear one so together we protect each other when you wear a mask you are helping yourself and others stay healthy be proud you are doing the right thing.

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