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Women and osteoporosis, Health Channel

Women are more affected by osteoporosis than men, says Doctor Jose Soza, Family medicine specialist at Baptist Health Primary Care. Also Hispanics are a high risk group in terms of body weight, especially if they exceed the average of 128 pounds.

The Doctor explains women are more affected by osteoporosis, since it is related to hormones after menopause, because there is less estrogen and progesterone leading to restructuring of the bone and demineralization of bone loss.

According to the specialist, males may also experience osteoporosis as well. Patients with chronic conditions like rheumatoid, arthritis or also patients on chronic steroids use or prednisone, too.


Women and osteoporosis, Health Channel

Now one thing you mentioned also is that this kind of happens in an older population but I’m just wondering are there other populations that might be at risk maybe not just senior citizens but who else might be at risk for osteoporosis sure as I previously said for the most part the screening for osteoporosis starts at 65 years of age it’s most commonly seen in women than males but males may also experience osteoporosis as well but yes there are younger populations that may experience as developed in the worship process as well for instance patients with chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or also patients on chronic steroids use and steroids or prednisone is something that we basically use often and it’s chronic use for the most part after three months of use may increase the risk for osteoporosis and there are other other medical conditions as well that may lead to osteoporosis in a much younger age okay and you did mention of course I think most people do know that women are affected more by osteoporosis is this again is it a hormonal reason that this happens or what is the reasoning behind tha well for the most part yes it is related with hormones after menopause there is less estrogen and progesterone and this leads to restructuring of the bone demineralization of bone loss yes it is it is mostly related to that and like I previously said it’s it’s most commonly seen in women than men one thing I noticed on that graphic doctor is they also mentioned other risk factors might be your race as well as your body size so what races seem to be more affected by osteoporosis for osteoporosis mostly you know Hispanics are highly affected by osteoporosis in terms of body weight I was reading an article that mentioned less than 128 pounds but you know for the most part I would say patients that are thin with a body mass index of 18 percent they will they’re they’re much at a higher risk of osteoporosis

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