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Yoga: Treatment for Back Pain |

What issues can you treat with Yoga? Katrina Bilanchone, Yoga Instructor at Miami Yoga Girl, explains how can Yoga help patients with back pain, cancer, sleep problems, anxiety, and depression.


Is it worth doing different styles to force a weight loss or that kind of stuff is that is that something you can do or is it something that that you I guess taken time well you get to decide the kind of class you want to take it does depend on your intention so some people go in it for the physical aspects they want to lose weight they want to get a good sweat so maybe they’ll take a power class maybe they’ll take a hot yoga class if that’s your intention okay is that like the Bikram yoga that they talk about or is it right okay right um that’s a specific style but you could do any kind of hot yoga okay yeah let’s talk a little bit about some of the other myths or misconceptions that people have besides to say the flexibility thing you know some people say that yoga is only for people who are like thin and fit is that true or not no not true not one bit it’s not true Yoga is for everyone there is a style out there for you and there’s no age limit there’s no body limitation really you know you

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