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Advantages of Natural Birth, Health Channel

Dr. Jason James, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, highlights natural birth is vaginal delivery as opposed to C-section and it is also completely natural with no medications or no induction or epidural.

He says cesarean section means major abdominal surgery and a longer hospitalization, a longer recovery, and there is more risk associated with surgery, like injury to the mother or baby, as opposed to a vaginal delivery.


Advantages of Natural Birth, Health Channel

Now with the national rate for cesarean surgery at nearing 32 percent more and more women are turning to natural labor and delivery in hopes of avoiding the regimentation and unnecessary medical interventions that can accompany a hospital birth now what are some advantages to natural birth we kind of hear both sides so so sometimes when we talk about natural birth we’re talking about vaginal delivery as opposed to c-section and sometimes when you talk about natural birth that means completely natural and no medications no induction no epidural that’s how I’m thinking about a natural with no right right but I mean certainly there’s advantages to imagine delivery over cesarean section you know a cesarean section is major abdominal surgery so
it’s longer hospitalization longer recovery and there’s more risks associated with surgery like injury to
the mom or injury to the baby as opposed to a vaginal delivery in terms of the advantages of a natural childbirth I
think that’s really a patient preference you know in this day and age when we have the availability of pain medication of epidurals for anesthesia I think if patients want to take advantage of that that’s great but it’s
really a preference should a mom to be prepared differently for our natural childbirth. I think certainly if you want to try and have a natural childbirth where you don’t have any pain medication maybe utilizing certain techniques to minimize their experience of pain like Lamaze classes which is using breathing techniques to help with the pain there’s something called hypnobirthing there are a lot of different options having good labor support whether that’s your husband or another family member mom or sister or even a doula sometimes can help patients experience that that childbirth with a little less discovery you.

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