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Alternative Sun Protection Tips, Health Channel

Dr. Janelle Vega, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida, says when you are looking at the labels for a sun protective hat, look for UPF 50, which is a universal protection factor.

“You want to have at least three inches, so it’s covering everywhere. If you’re wearing a baseball cap, it is only going to cover the front part of your face, not the sides,” she explains. She also points out it is important to protect your hands from the sun.


Alternative Sun Protection Tips, Health Channel

I know that you’re a big fan of because I see it on your Instagram as hats, and hats were crucial, if they’re not just her fat but they’re not just fashion they actually protect from sun damage, tell me a little bit about, if you’re looking into a hat, what should you be looking for?.> Okay this is super important because a lot of my patients come in very tan, they’re melasma zwarst, and they said I wore hot the whole time, so they’re wearing if you look at a hot and you put it out in the Sun usually you can see like specks of light on people’s faces, if you see that your son is not protecting, that your hat is not protecting, that right that’s not a good one, so when looking at the labels for the Hat, look for UPF 50 that’s universal protection factor, so it’s basically equivalent to a Sun like what an SPF would it be,- okay, most of them come in 50, and you want to have at least three inches so that it’s covering everywhere, if you’re wearing a baseball cap, a baseball cap is only going to cover the front part of your face not the sides, so people with hyperpigmentation a baseball cap is not sufficient for them, neither if they have a history of skin cancer, because you’re not protecting your ears, you’re not protecting your cheeks, and usually not your lower face, so I always say the white are the better make sure it’s a good brand that has UPF 50 there are a lot of great options out there, a lot of really beautiful options, if you like fashion, and there’s no excuse anymore, we know one of my patients she was on a cruise, like no but my hat you know it’s from BB I’m like that’s not gonna be some protective.> BB will not be from getting skincare, but what about clothes?, cuz you mentioned UPF and now we’ve seen close with UPF we hear women wearing rash cards, not just kids but adults as well, so talk to me about clothing as a as another way to prevent this sun damage?.> Yeah absolutely I think it’s a lot easier to have a physical layer of block, versus reapplying all the time because maybe you forget maybe you wait an extra thirty minutes before we apply your sunscreen, cos you when I wear sunscreen in addition, but then you have that extra layer of protection where if you’re forgetful, or you forgot a spot, you’re Ashley covered so, the same with clothing as with hats it’s up to you PF 50, and it will protect you as if it was sunscreen, you know, so there are great options out there that protect your gelatin delicate chest skin, the arms, the hands, make sure it comes down and covers your finger, your hands because that’s another area that we get Sun every single day.

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