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Choosing the Right Moisturizer |

A good moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides and coconut oil. Nina Dieguez, Internal Medicine Physician with Baptist Health South Florida, recommends looking for one that has those three ingredients because they are excellent for skin hydration.

She recommends visiting the Skin Cancer Institute’s website and reviewing all of the products, especially the ones that you are unclear about.

Michelle Brewster, Internal Medicine Physician at the same institute, explains you have to be careful and limit water exposure because it can dry your skin.


Moisturizers a lot of women are just like mmm I’m not sure I really want to go for moisturizers they’re really expensive a lot of them don’t know which are the good ones this is a good one doctor in terms of what it contains? Absolutely there are so many products right now out in the market we Dr. Brewster as well as myself we’ve reviewed many of them and our recommendations are for you to go ahead the three ingredients that you should always look for in your products are having hyaluronic acid ceramides and coconut oil if you could believe that it is actually excellent for the hydration and them and the skin moisture in your skin but Dr. Brewster as well as myself we recommend for you to go to a website in the skin cancer institute that you can go ahead and review all of the all of the product specially the ones that you are unclear about. Alright and Dr. Brewster let me bring you in they say sometimes exposure to water can actually dry your skin is that correct? Yes that sometimes can happen begin by it becoming over overly damp so definitely you want to limit your water exposure what you’re taking a bath it’ll take to hot baths but a warm bath is better. What if we love taking hot showers I mean there’s a lot of women out there saying well I’m in the shower for 15 minutes it’s nice and hot and it relaxes. Well for me going into the shower is actually getting away from my three kids but unfortunately we do not recommend that and the reason why is because the what we recommend is for you to take a shower that lasts between five to 10 minutes and and usually with warm water hot shower can really dry your skin and it’s not something that we recommend.

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