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Alternative Treatments for Sciatica, Health Channel

Alternative medicine can be useful in sciatica cases. Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, says acupuncture should be safe but he recommends doing an exercise program for improving the condition.


Alternative Treatments for Sciatica, Health Channel

Dr. Manor do you also recommend alternative medicine like acupuncture or maybe visiting a chiropractor yes actually the answer is yes as far acupuncture should be safe nothing has been an acupuncture that can damage structurally the other spine so that’s a acupuncture might be a safe manner a chiropractor as far as your is a trustworthy chiropractor and they’re not trying to sell you one of those packages as sometimes they do it’s fine as far you’re doing an exercise program so the essence is just making sure that we’re doing an exercise program and everything else is just to supplement that that that part how about a regular massage is that good for the pain or that helps to alleviate the pain but ultimately what you can do to be able to help your body because you have patients who are thinking there’s going to be a magic pill the magic pill is old-fashioned sweat sweat work and just keep your body in shape doing the things that you need to do eating healthy making sure that you’re moving not sedentary all those things will help you in the long run so how does exercising regularly help your back pain good it helps as I was saying it helps patients you know to strengthen strengthen their their spine strengthen the muscles of your their spine patients who are having you know you can have the general disease I tell the patients all the time you can have on what we call foraminal stenosis where you have narrowing of the nerves but if you’re able to keep active move simple things like walking patients say should I walk yes definitely that’s something that you can start with if you’re able to increase the length of walking if you’re able to increase stretching overall that’s going to help you that you’re not going to have to rely on as much medication but rely on the things that you can do naturally you

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