Sex Talk

Health Channel’s Original production SEX TALK, is dedicated to answering any of YOUR sex questions — no question is off-limits. Hosted by Dr. Lia Jiannine, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance at Nova Southeastern University. SEX TALK will cover various topics from how to spice up one’s sex life to how to deal with various relationship issues.

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Questions from the audience

Sexual Health After 50

Sex Headaches

Sexual Preferences And Fantasies

The Vagina After Childbirth

Open Relationships

An Orgasm With An STI

Dating Sites While Married

Never Had An Orgasm

Genital Piercing

Whiskey “D”

Exercise & Sex

Loss Of Libido

Am I Becoming Gay?

Too Much Vibrator Use?

Orgasm With Parkinson’s Disease

Transitioning To A Woman

Is A Cold Sore Herpes?

Partner Tested Positive For HIV

Benefits & Drawbacks Of Circumcision

Expressing Virginity To Partner

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