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Before & After Kybella Procedure |

Before & After Kybella Procedure, Health Channel

Dr. Max Polo, Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, describes with images how Kybella procedure works.

He explains he does a very complete diagnose of the patient before applying the product. The procedure is low cost and patients are usually very satisfied with it.


Before & After Kybella Procedure, Health Channel

I should say that he did this procedure and he was willing to bring his pictures. So before-and-after this is actually Dr. Polo talked Wow what let’s see this well tell me about it. > Yeah. Well this is before and after the first treatment this is probably about six weeks afterwards which is how long it takes to really see the final result. Again, the fat cell membranes are lysed with this product the fat spills out and then the body absorbs that, that fat that is leaked out of the cells which causes an inflammatory reaction and then the inflammatory reaction gradually resolves over four to six weeks and the contour improves. So I think he can clearly see the improvement there Wow that’s just with with one treatment very often patients may have an indication for a second treatment or a third treatment for additional touch-up and ditional improvement. > When did you actually do this Dr.? > Oh it’s probably been about a year since I did the treatment. > And you did it because obviously, what? > The products only been out for a few years, you know I think, I think I had a good indication for it and you know it’s no downtime at all I saw patients the next day. You do have significant swelling and inflammation in the area but the next day I had my regular clinic day and not a single patient looked at me and said “Dr. Polo what happened, what did you do?” –exactly — so you know it was noticeable to me but I didn’t you know get any comments on it from patients who see me regularly. So and it’s fortunately it was low-cost you know no no down time and you know I got I got a nice result out of it I was very happy with it. > So the recovery is pretty quick? — yeah — in terms of doing it. > Exactly, yeah. I recommend the patients ice and use an elastic headband and sleep in that for two nights and after that there’s really hardly any noticeable swelling. You’ll notice some but you know when you’re going out and doing your shows you know what would be really noticed.

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