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Eyelid Surgery for Men |

Dr. Ricardo Castrellon, Director of South Miami Hospital’s Burn Center, explains eyelid surgery is an option for excessive skin that makes you look older, and it is a simple procedure.

“We want to make sure the person does not have dry eyes, because if you take skin from around the eyes, you might end up with an exposed eye.”


What about eyelid surgery what does that what does that mean exactly when men go in for the eyelid surgery so the eyelid surgery it’s it’s something now that we’re noticing and this is obviously one of the things that happens as men age like women one of the things that happen is you’ll have saggy or or excessive skin in this area exactly and that makes you look older so they will go then and you can actually treat the eyelid and rejuvenate and actually takes years off your face by treating those and it’s a very simple procedure especially mostly and you see in most what men are usually trying to deal with the upper eyelids and their lower eyelids what they try to deal is with those bags that you see around the eyelids and and that’s usually what they’re trying to try to treat that’s called life and age exactly so how does the eyelid procedure work how do you and someone goes into your office is it a very quick procedure or so usually the weird like like anything if you’re gonna have a proper assessment first we’re gonna look if you’re a candidate for this intervention we’ll make sure the number one thing you’re gonna do is make sure that there’s no contraindications we try to look make sure that the person does not have dry eyes or there’s problems because you know if you go and excise skin from your eyes and you might end up with exposed exposed eye and having and giving you problems with your eyelid specially with with the dryness of the eyes so we go and make sure that examine the patient make sure that the problem that they’re not having a problem with their eyebrows as well because sometimes it’s descent in the eyebrows and then we say no the problem is not so much that your eyelids are saying it’s that your eyebrows are sagging so it’s it’s it’s a it’s a conjoint assessment that we’re doing we’re assessing the entire upper face and making sure so the first thing we make sure that there’s what the anatomy is making sure there’s no contraindications and then let’s say that the patient is okay for the intervention then we would proceed with the intervention the intervention for the upper eyelids when you’re doing skin only interventions it’s a very fast procedure can be done in the offices probably around an hour procedure okay when you’re gonna go and remove fat and get inside of the orbit or behind or close to the eye then it’s probably more preferable to do in there anesthesia where the patient will be more comfortable you

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