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Benefits of Eating Oatmeal |

Benefits of Eating Oatmeal, Health Channel

What is high-fat coffee? Carla Duenas, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, talks about this coffee made with coffee, butter, and coconut oil that is used in the ketogenic diet and its health benefits.


Benefits of Eating Oatmeal, Health Channel

Let’s hide that coughing first of all hmm so this goes related to a trend now that’s called the bulletproof coffee this is actually a brand but it’s a coffee made with pink coffee butter and coconut oil so it’s used really mainly in the ketogenic diet people that are following this very extremely low carb diets as a way to fuel them for the date the health benefits of it is believed to be well for one just the alertness that you get from caffeine itself but also that people don’t experience experience these blood sugar spikes and crashes that we typically get when we eat a very high carbohydrate meal what is one of the benefits of oatmeal why is it so great it’s like the super breakfast food well it’s it’s fantastic because it has first of all I has carbohydrates which I know a lot of people are scared of carbohydrates but it does give your body the energy that it means and because it has fiber and that’s really one of the main benefits of oats is that it keeps you fuller for a longer time so instead of being hungry two to three hours after maybe you don’t have to eat your snack in the mid-morning you can go to lunch without a problem the other benefit that it has from that fiber is that it can help lower your cholesterol so if you know that you already have tend to have high cholesterol or have a high risk of having heart disease in the family for example incorporating this as a daily habit can help lower your risks in general and it can also help with digestion believe it or not okay so promotes bowel movements whether you have you know issues where in the bathroom we’re saying consistent this the fiber in oat and really all fruits and all whole grains can help but just oats are just one of those meals that has it all in one okay you

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