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Benefits of Hydrafacial Treatment |

Heidy Urra, Medical Aesthetician with Miami Plastic Surgery, explains a hydrafacial is a wet microdermabrasion, it is a smart machine and it has different types of minerals and infusions to help exfoliate the skin and hydrate it at the same time.

She points out it is important to prepare the skin, because the aesthetician wants to have a clean open skin to be able to move forward and to introduce the products into the skin.


So what is the hydro facial the hydro facial to make it very simple is a wet microdermabrasion what is basically is a higher scale micro dermabrasion it’s a smart machine it’s very customized to the treatment it has different types of minerals and fusions that are infused to the skin to exfoliate and hydrate the skin at the same time this machine we utilize different tips on the skin I want to get into that right now but before I wanted to stress again how important it is to prep and cleanse that skin it’s a before hand so I think that’s that’s the main thing here why why is it important because we’re gonna have that clean clean open skin to be able to move forward and to have the skin cleanse very deeply to be able to introduce those products into the skin as well is it because if it’s not properly prepped and cleanse maybe that Pradas products won’t work as effectively well you can risk contamination you want to make sure that everything is ready to be absorbed into the skin if you’re just layering it over something and it’s not properly cleanse then you know you’re not really getting an effective treatment there exactly now going now that your skin is prepped and cleaned we go into this hydro facial so tell me again now we were we were looking at what what it is well basically we’re gonna clean your skin your pores with these different little tips here we usually start first with this teal this is going to go deeper into the pore and cleanse really well and remove all dullness that’s in the skin really and the blue also if you use all three of them during the facial yes we option change and it’s important to know that they are sealed so they are open at the time of your facial and they are only used for that particular patient these are tossed and they’re only used for your treatment you

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