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There are some things to consider when seeing a doctor for a breast augmentation: saline vs. silicone implants, round vs. anatomical implants, breast implant sizes, location of incision, and over or under the muscle.

Dr. Xiaoti Xu, Plastic Surgeon, Mia Aesthetics with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, says the natural breast has a teardrop shape. “If you aren’t going for a large, augmented look, this is a nice way of just enhancing your natural breast, but if you want a big augmentation, the round implant is perfect, because it does not just increase the bottom size, but the entire breast.”


Now I am a graphic that’s gonna show us some of the things that a patient may want to consider when they meet with their doctor and what it is they’re actually looking for when having this breast augmentation surgery so you can walk us through this doctor sure that would be really helpful sure so the first thing we talk about with sealing an implant versus a silicone implant biggest difference really is the natural feel and the size and obviously I think because it’s what’s called a cosmetic surgery Eric themself paid so sometimes people factor in the cost as well the other thing is I’m gonna nations run for really going for these days depends on who were you going who you go see it can run from the Lord a couple thousand dollars to the high end of you know close to eight or nine thousand dollars based on the surgeon and the facility okay so now moving on to round versus atomic Oh in anatomic implants right so the natural breast is what’s called a teardrop shape which kind of looks like this so if you’re not going for a large augmented look this is actually a nice weight just enhancing your natural breast but if you’re going for again since we’re in South Florida and a big augmented yes exactly and the round implant is perfect because it doesn’t just increase the bottom size right increases the entire breast so if you can actually look at the two side-by-side you can see that this will project the entire breast well this will only increase the lower Pole and for the round implants there’s also a couple of different variations so I bought these three other implants here with me so we see patients still wanting that round almost it’s an obvious implant where I feel right with a round one whereas the teardrop is just such a natural it’s actually interesting you bring that up because I think we’re gonna talk about a little bit later is that why people are opting not to do the does the the shaped implants oh okay but truth be told if you have enough tissue most the time people can’t tell the difference of what kind of implant you have you

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