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Jacquelyn Garcia, Lactation Nurse with the Center for Women and Infants at South Miami Hospital, says you should take a regular healthy diet, take your prenatal vitamins, and keep your caffeine intake low.

She suggests exercising, but not overdoing it. She points out whenever you add formula, it is going to affect your supply, so she recommends pumping whenever you give a bottle.


What kind of things do you suggest to moms you know a healthy diet while they’re breastfeeding well like consider that you should take a regular healthy diet take your prenatal vitamins just kind of eat as if you were pregnant so don’t get anything high in mercury keep your caffeine and take you know to a minimum to 2 cups of coffee a day but ideally just have it overall you know healthy diet right and and you’re really not even eating for two anymore so you just eat normal because you don’t have to eat more to produce more milk well known as especially Ely say you went up to 85 babies maybe you could have eaten those calories more oh yeah I’m telling you it really does work I did I didn’t understand the concept of why I would lose so much weight if I breast fit I was just thinking well I’m not doing anything I’m just you know Samantha’s here so I was thinking why why would I lose weight well the breasts actually uses more energy than your brain so your brain uses 25% in your breasts uses 30% of your body’s energy it actually uses more than your brain okay I honestly never believed it and I thought that’s not true not true I dropped like that it was fantastic up working out also I know women are tired when they’re breastfeeding but you know I still want it to be active to a power walked a lot around the neighborhood just to get my head you know to give myself a few seconds to to just get some air to be honest do you suggest the exercising if a woman wants to while you’re breastfeeding exercising is fine just don’t overdo it and of course you know always eat your calories and try not to lose too much weight too fast because I could also affect your supply something else that also happened to me that I remembered right now was waking up in the morning when I was able to get you know a few hours and just being drenched in over supply and I had to put even some towels on the bed I know I’m telling you Moo the cow that had to do with the clogged ducts as well right right I mean your baby eats the egg every three hours or so so even if you skipped a feed your body already knows when it was gonna eat so if you skip that feeding it’s gonna let have a letdown anyways and do women who don’t have much of a supply but there’s still something there can they also add the formula to kind of balance they can but whenever you add formula just know that it’s going to affect your supplies you’re kind of you know sub Tooting for the breast milk so if you were gonna give formula then I would recommend that you pump whenever you give a bottle even if it’s expressed breast milk or formula so you.

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