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Burns and Their Complications |

Household burns are the main reason why medical attention is sought in a specialized center.

Dr. Jill Waibel, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida says she tends to see more young men to get burned, with a lot of work related injuries and war related injuries.

There are different types of burns: thermal, radiation, chemical and electrical. She says thermal burn is the most frequent and devastating burn.

The doctor advises getting a burn center immediately in case of having a burn in order to avoid complications.


This is amazing about half a million people nationwide seek medical care for burns household burns lead to nearly seven out of 10 admissions to burn centers how many of us have left the grease on and panicked it’s happened to me and what could have happened is just devastating what’s the youngest you’ve ever treated in terms of… Well the youngest patient I’ve ever treated was a six-month-old little girl but we do tend to see in the United States it’s more men young men that get burned because well they tend to do there’s a lot of work-related injuries there’s a lot of war related injuries and like fires and things. And we have the different type of burns I want to show this to our viewers so they can see the difference there is thermal radiation chemical and electrical which is the most frequent doctor? Well the thermal is the most frequent in the most devastating when you have actual fire touch a patient which is what Ralph had because the heat spread so fast and so deep they can all be devastating in their own way. And we have a graphic showing complications from burns let’s show this that’s why it’s so important to to tackle it immediately infections doctor low blood volume dangerously low body temperature breathing problems scarring bone and joint problems. And it’s very important to get to a burn center if you have a burn and let the burn experts see. I had all those every one of them. And that’s why you were taken immediately to Jackson. As we know the skin is your biggest organ right and once it gets compromised the risk for infection it’s not at least the way that they explained it to me if the burn doesn’t kill you immediately it’s the infection that will get you right so I’ll say it’s not the burn right it’s the the infection breaking everything else down in your body and I just he can’t fight it so. And I remember that in ICU when we went to go see you and they would limit the visitations because of the infection.

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