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C-Sections and Natural Births |

Women can choose different options in birthing cases. Some of them want to try to have a natural labor an others prefer C-section (cesarean section).

Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, also talks about Doula. Doula is a person who is going through a specific training to be able to assist a woman through
whole labor process.


Talk about c-sections and this is actually an interesting statistic, with the national rate for SI surgery at nearly 32 percen, more and more women are turning to natural labor, and delivery in hopes of avoiding the medical interventions if you will, so are there advantages to natural birth as opposed to c-sections?, because some some women just plan that c-section and say okay this is the date right there I’m gonna have the baby. There are women who choose different options, so there are women who will say you know what, I really want to try to have that natural labor, I want to try to and for different reasons try to go through that labor process without any type of pain relief, and it is a challenging thing but you have to really go through a lot of preparation, if you want to achieve that goal. Doula,- yeah,- doula what exactly is a doula?. So a doula is a person who’s gone through a specific training to be able to assist a woman through that whole labor process, so you go through different breathing techniques, even some women hypnosis, it’s really important if you want to try and go through labor without any type of pain relief, to have somebody one-on-one really working with you. And does that breathing technique really help?. It really does, if you are going to successfully go through the labor and the birthing process without any type of pain management, the breathing, the massage, and having that one-on-one support, a doula, or anyone I really think is essential.

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