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Weight Loss: Age and Gender |

Weight Loss: Age and Gender, Health Channel

Dr. Ricardo Castrellon, Director of South Miami Hospital’s Burn Center, explains as we are aging, the metabolic activity tends to decrease. He says with age, the body starts shutting down the systems that you are not using.

He also points out when you are morbidly obese, the fat is going to go to the central part of your body, and the skin and tissues are going to be damaged.


Weight Loss: Age and Gender, Health Channel

So now you’ve talked about genetics but what about the factors of age and gender okay into this as well how much factor those no definitely age that’s definitely as we’re aging your your metabolic your metabolic activity tends to decrease in and one I think that I’m that you will see is that you know when you’re a kid you say I don’t gain any weight but the realities problem when you’re a kid you were very active and at the same time your body has a higher has a higher functional reserve so kids metabolism has a higher metabolism but um but as you start old and getting old if you do not use it your body gets rid of it it’s something very interesting so the actually I think it’s one point to work out now there were older than when we’re kids because at this time of your life it’s when your body actually starts shutting down systems and you’re not using so age definitely play play something important and again female your female habit is versus your your male habitus has will have dependence will have a tendencies of where you’re gonna have your fat deposits and also all of those things will affect you know women have pressed a larger breasts tend to have a you know sagging breasts after weight loss men tend to have a larger abdomens they’ll have sagging sagging tissue in their abdomen the reality is when you have are morbidly obese the fat is always going to go into central part of the body in the arms and and all that other skin is gonna be damaged and tissues are gonna be damaged so at that point all bets are gone you know you

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