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Causes of Back Spasms, Health Channel

Dr. Derek Papp, Sports Medicine Physician with Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, explains a back spasm is probably related to some kind of irritation of one of the nerve roots, or maybe inside of the spine itself.

He also says it is very common in soccer players and athletes, because they have a lot of pounding activity, they are moving a lot, they are staying at different hotels and traveling, and the time spent on a bus adds up.


Causes of Back Spasms, Health Channel

One of brazil’s top defenders Marcelo left the group stage game against Serbia because of a back spasm alright back spasm it’s it’s a wonderful term and I think people have picked it up now oh I have a spasm in my back what exactly does that mean well that’s it’s not a pulled muscle is it alright it’s not a pulled muscle in the sense that it’s a pulled hamstring or a pulled quad or something like that it’s it’s a spasm in the muscle you’re back and it’s probably related to some kind of irritation of one of the nerve roots or maybe the facets inside the spine itself these kind of things are actually caught in common in athletes you know they like we’ve said before they have a lot of pounding activity they run a lot there they’re moving a lot and then the other thing that they have to deal with and and we can laugh about this is is they’re staying in different hotels and they’re traveling so the time spent on a plane or on a train or on a bus all if that heads up and it’s easy to wake up in the middle of the night and have back pain well the Brazilian team doctor blamed Marcello’s injury on a mattress okay I’m skeptical I will admit that mattresses are different and we all feel them at home but a finely tuned athlete and a mattress Hey those those five-star mattresses you get at those hotels i it’s it’s legit though you see I mean I I spent time around professional athletes and traveled with them and as as players get older and I mean we’re saying older than 25 26 28 30 they start to have little problems in their back in it and it takes little things to cause those spasms and again if you’re not if you’re not at your best maybe you should be on the bench you

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