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Eczema affects almost half of all children, but it could affect adults as well. Dr. Kristin Haushalter, Dermatologist with Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, explains this inflammatory condition and talks about what can trigger it, and what are the most common symptoms it has.


Another chronic condition is eczema and it affects almost half of all children but it can affect adults too so what exactly is eczema so eczema is also another inflammatory condition however it’s more exacerbated and sometimes triggered and caused by other exogenous factors like things we do to our skin right yeah I can look pretty bad and and what are the most common symptoms of eczema we saw there in the photograph it just looks like a dry flaky skin is very dry flaky scaly sometimes cracked it can get secondarily infected but it’s really itchy that’s the number one symptom where psoriasis is not as itchy right eczema is very itchy and it really keeps people from sleeping they’re miserable at work they can wear certain clothing sweating makes it worse so it’s uncomfortable all day long and at night so for patients here in South Florida who have eczema and come to your practice I mean it’s the heat obviously that makes it less triggers so what do you do in order to be able to control the eczema well again there are lots of topical and oral treatments and and more than I know we’ll talk about but it’s the main treatment for excellent is repairing that skin barrier and there’s a lot of counseling like I saw a patient yesterday who had been treated with topical steroids oral steroids but had never been told to get rid of his dryer sheets in fabric softener I’ve never been told tonight soak in a bath tub with bubbles and things like this that make her he didn’t know and he’s spraying cologne all over himself and I no wonder you itch you ever actually you can’t do these things really a lot of counseling it’s a lot of you know lifestyle changes for patients especially women who like their smells you

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