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Laser Treatment Is Safe |

Lasers are simple and very safe procedures, affirms Dr. Jill Waibel, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida.

However, the doctor thinks lasers can be scary for patients at first. “Lasers can do things that we don’t have any other thing in medicine that can do,” she says.

Laser is a very natural organic option to choose, it’s really taking the skin back to where it was 20 years ago, she adds.


When someone undergoes a laser treatment there are cans and cannots that you can do after right? Yeah believe it or not lasers are incredibly safe and a lot of them are very simple for some of the more major procedures we might have you out of the Sun for anywhere from two weeks to a month but there’s a lot of lasers that you can really legitimately have no downtime wear makeup that night go out to dinner that night you might be a little red a little swollen but we’re not there’s not as many rules as we with might think. Exactly and when your patients come in and you start talking to them and having this conversation about lasers and and you and I did this a few months ago many of them are not aware that there is this option today right? Yeah I think lasers are kind of scary for patients and at first and if you walk into our rooms are these big machines and I always tell the laser companies try to make these kid friendly and pretty they’re very industrial. It’s like the big computers way back when remember in the big TVs and now we’ve got these little bitty computers that do everything these lasers are big. And the first lasers were whole buildings so they’ve come a long way. Once you start engaging and educating Well they’re pretty magical and lasers can do things that we don’t have any other thing in medicine that can do and we’ve been talking a lot about aesthetics but my real passion is treating medical conditions with laser and they’re it’s it’s so powerful and I think if anything I like to share with the public and other doctors and patients what we can do. And I don’t think it’s there’s anything wrong in someone choosing a laser for cosmetics a lot of think well no there’s nothing wrong with that either I mean Botox definitely has the name and you do that and you do what is it Dysport and you offer that but lasers are something where people can have that conversation and say yeah I did it right yeah because a lot of people don’t want to have that conversation don’t want to talk about it. Yeah I think it’s changing because I think people want to be the best they can be I think we’re healthier than ever we’re aging more gracefully than ever and again I think the laser is a very natural organic option to choose and it’s easy to know chemicals they’re safe yeah and it’s really taking your skin back to where it was you know 20 years ago

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