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Causes of Tooth Erosion |

Fruit drinks, dry mouth, low salivary flow, acid reflux disease, and gastrointestinal problems are some of the conditions that are linked to oral health. Dr. Teresa Lozano, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains why these factors can cause tooth erosion.


There are other things that can cause a tooth erosion doctor let’s go through some of these you mentioned a few while you were at our 3d wall excessive soft drink consumption or that would be like the cokes diet cokes right things of that nature why is it is it the bubbles is it carbonated emanated yeah it’s the damage to the enamel basically yeah for drinks because the sugar the sugar dry dry mouth or slow salivary flow because the saliva maintains the the electrolytes and all the balance that you need to re mineralize the enamel mm-hmm every time there’s we eat the animal gets attacked by this acids and and and and things that are in our food and that the bacteria that normally lives in our mouths produce if there’s not enough salivary flow then the remineralization of the enamel doesn’t happen and then you’re more prone to getting decay exactly can you explain diet it well like excessive sugar okay and so forth it can be damaging in the case of acid reflux disease this stomach acid can damage the enamel as well right and you also mentioned vomiting which we’re seeing a lot we did a show on eating disorders eating disorder and teens and adults sometimes anticipate the patient may or suspect that the patient has an eating disorder by just looking at their tea exactly medications doctor medications that dry your mouth then cause problems yes genetics obviously you know predisposition they’re incorrect and environmental factors like well those are like minors well the ones that we choose sometimes like smoking okay but some of the chlorine in not properly treated pools people that swim a lot and that they may be exposed to this you know and chemicals and and so forth you

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