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Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth |

With a graphic, Dr. Teresa Lozano, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains some topics related to wisdom teeth.
She says any inflammation of the gum tissue is gum disease.
The specialist affirms it’s necessary to do a good evaluation for considering to remove wisdom teeth and study their relation to the other teeth in order to avoid problems.


Now doctor will you reveal the answer to this true or false question and the most common consequence of impacted wisdom teeth is gum disease true or false true true if you answer true you got it right you win so why is that because of the chronic inflammation of the surrounding surrounding the impacted wisdom tooth if it connects to the mouth they all get come disease mm-hmm now it can you describe what gum diseases well any inflammation of the gum tissue it’s come disease and there’s one entity in particular called periodontal disease in which is generalized in this case of the wisdom tooth in particular it would be a localized infection mm-hmm and we mentioned a little earlier that your teeth are impacted it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna see pain is this true true correct yes why is that because some people have their wisdom teeth they are able to clean them slightly they don’t get infected yet or sometimes they’re just deep into the into the gum and bone tissue and they’re just sitting there but they may be brewing some problem so that word brewing okay so yeah this would be a big indication that even though they’re okay you may need them removed correct and and how do you tell and how do you differentiate well you see the possibility of the tooth coming into the arch if it has enough space if it’s gonna be able to be cleaned also you see its relation to the other teeth to see if there’s any possibility of damaging the neighboring teeth right if the angulation of the tooth is not appropriate also it would be a problematic they’re never gonna come out in the right spot you

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