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Chickenpox can cause alarm in a pregnant woman. However, simple tests can determine if her body is protected against it, explains Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, Obstetrician & Gynecologist at Baptist Health South Florida.

With those immunity tests, the doctor says, the mother does not have any concerns for her unborn baby.

The specialist also recommends to get the pre-pregnancy consult, because it is a very important opportunity for the woman to get ready for a future pregnancy.


How can women stay safe during that pregnancy if they have an older child at home who might be fighting the chickenpox right so fortunately a lot of women did get the chicken pox when they were younger so when that pregnant mom comes in and she’s alarmed my child has chickenpox what should I do the first thing you can actually do is test them for immunity if they’re fully aware they remember I was four years old I had a horrible chickenpox outbreak right there they’re aware you can reassure them but you could always test them for immunity and that way you can really reassure them that they don’t have any concerns for their unborn baby today chicken pox it’s really not that much of a concern because either we had it as a child we have a vaccine so people today are all getting vaccinated when they’re young so that is great in addition fortunately hopefully a lot of people are gonna come in for that pre pregnancy visit not everyone does that but if they do that’s a very important topic of discussion did you have the chickenpox if they’re unsure they didn’t you can test them and you can vaccinate them before they’re pregnant okay you know and that’s a great question right there to follow up on that you just mentioned coming in for a consult if you will a pre pregnancy consult why don’t you talk about why that is important and how during that visit you can address some of these fears maybe find out more about the mom’s history and how that’s just going to make for a better pregnancy overall oh absolutely not everyone does that but if they do it is a great opportunity to discuss being up-to-date on your vaccinations so varicella chickenpox is one of the important ones that you can absolutely discuss at that time and if they’re unsure test them for their immunity if they’re end up that they were not immune for varicella that’s a great opportunity to vaccinate them in addition to going over a tremendous amount of information at that pre pregnancy visit too to get ready for that. that pregnancy.

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